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Taking “quality, pursuit, progress, explore” as its core culture, Sportrak has always been creating new method,s new technologies, new products and new services to positively develop new business areas in truck and bus tire solutions, therefore Sportrak has fully optimized its sales service as well as user experience. With sincere attitude, every member of Sportrak has dedicated their efforts in research, purchase, production, sales and service etc. trying to meet the requirements of consumers and business partners so as to achieve the customer-centric creative service.


To meet the expectations of all drivers.On basis of leading the driving comfort of tires, Sportrak car tire highlights more on its environmental protection. We’ve always been emphasizing the customer-centric service and committed to the prefect combination of quality and service supported by environmental technology and creative design.


Back to its original nature and create a quality legend.Superway is a high-end classic brand, introduced by Sportrak Tire Group Limited against a background of brand marketing era. Inspired by European technology, Superway brand tires have a more modern and outstanding character, which can be better appreciated and recognized by people with growing awareness for brands.

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